Digital agency

Why Rechnerhaus is living their business model!

With the digital transformation the business world is getting more and more complex. Software engineers have advanced many processes in the fields of: data analysis, automation or digital communication. The code at Rechnerhaus will solve your problems efficient, strategic and reliable. With the technological Enhancement, more and more data has to be sent through the world more and more faster. The whole Rechnerhaus team is fascinated with the unlimited opportunities due to the modern internet.

Rechnerhaus was founded with the goal of innovation and efficiency. We like to develop software for the future on the highest level. It is this kind of engagement we would like to pass to our customer or our own projects.



Every developer has (probably) a fascination for the StartUp scene. The enthusiasm for new software projects was and will always an important part of Rechnerhaus. For years we are involved in different projects, which doesn’t have a real customer. This makes them each as a little StartUp. Our newest project is the Datenschutz Management Software Lineback.

An other StartUp project of Rechnerhaus is, which is currently in some kind of Work-In-Progress stadium Coming soon (hopefully)!