The browser as output medium

Programming of databases, interfaces and software solutions, using the latest web technologies more

Online Marketing
Strategy, analysis, reporting

Rechnerhaus supports companies in developing marketing strategies with individual and state-of-the-art technologies. more

Templates, Plugins, E-Commerce

Development of optimal solutions, realized with the versatile content management system: WordPress more

Responsive Layout

By the term “webdesign” we understand a holistic project support. Rechnerhaus accompanies the project from the idea to the live circuit. mehr

Our services Cost optimization is our focus. You can count on us! The computer scientist Schmitt is mainly responsible for software development and webdesign, the business informant Weidenauer for the business management among other things. The ambience is simple and reduced to the essentials.

Always there > Webdevelopment

Webdevelopment: Rechnerhaus is specialized in the programming of customized web applications. For most data-based software, we rely on the scripting language PHP and MySQL as a database. In order to make operation as user-friendly as possible for the end customer, programming languages such as JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 are used in the frontend. To meet the needs of our customers, we develop modules, plugins, interfaces and extensions to existing webshop systems or content management systems (especially WordPress and Drupal). We also use newer techniques, such as the server-based JavaScript nodeJS, to process REST APIs or SOAP APIs, or even develop them ourself when needed.

Always there > Webdesign

Webdesign: An attractive website should include a clean structure, overview, and a way to recognize the company. With the help of a corporate design, we design the right product for every customer. In the development of websites, we attach great importance to the user-friendliness of the user and a technically future-proof implementation. In order to meet our quality requirements, we use modern and efficient techniques for development. With the help of the editorial system (CMS) WordPress, the customer can easily maintain the contents of his website via a web interface. If this is not desired, this service can also be obtained as a service from Rechnerhaus.

Always there > WordPress

WordPress: This content management system is not just designed for blogging. With a large community and thousands of existing plugins, pretty much any customer request can be mapped with WordPress and if not, Rechnerhaus develops the necessary plugin or interface to complete the project perfectly. By using the Visual Composer complex layouts can be edited by the end customer without HTML knowledge.

The extension wooCommerce as a shop system for WordPress is a good alternative to the big e-commerce solutions like OXID esales and Magento. Data can be kept synchronized with ERP systems so that stock and prices can still be maintained in the main system. All known payment modules can be used at wooCommerce and, if necessary, can be processed via a full-service payment provider.

Always there > Onlinemarketing

Online Marketing: In addition to the quality and ease of use, the success of a website also depends on the findability of the popular search engines. With measures in the area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), every customer can increase his reach in order to generate higher revenue with increasing numbers of users. User-friendliness is always a priority for us, but the code has to keep the good order that the website can also be read by machines (eg Google-Crawler or Skynet).

An online marketing strategy is created by a team effort between the client and Rechnerhaus. Each concept is unique and completely customized to the customer.

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