WordPress as CMS

Invented as Blogger software, evolving into a powerful content management system.
The possibilities with WordPress as CMS are almost unlimited more

Individual development and solutions with plugins

The modular structure of WordPress allows us to develop completely customized software solutions. more

WooCommerce as an online shop

With the shop plugin WooCommerce we develop market places. From lead to payment, everything with WordPress.  more

Theme customization
Template programming

Are you a designer and only familiar with HTML basics? You are in the right place. more

Always there > WordPress

WordPress: This content management system is not just for blogging. With a large community and thousands of existing plugins, pretty much any customer request can be mapped with WordPress and if not, Rechnerhaus develops the necessary plugin or interface to complete the project perfectly. By using the Visual Composer complex layouts can be edited by the end customer without HTML knowledge.

E-Commerce === WooCommerce

WooCommerce: The best way to start an online business. The eCommerce solution for WordPress has been downloaded over 36 million times. WooCommerce gives us the complete control of developers, which in turn allows us to respond to the smallest details of our customers. You have an idea/project/shop? Contact us, we are happy to help!

{{ Development }}

Plugin development for WordPress: The open source software puts programmers no limits. Unless a suitable plugin already exists, Rechnerhaus can develop its own tailor-made solutions according to its own ideas. Does not work, does not exist! // Challenge us

Templates && Themes

WordPress Template Programming: 
You have a finished design and need the right WordPress template? 

We can help! Rechnerhaus programmed from design specifications a working, pixel-accurate WordPress template. Layout, animations and performance are important factors of usability.

Do you want to know more about WordPress or Computerhaus? You have a project?

We look forward to the contact!

Write us how and when we can contact you. We are happy to call you back. We look forward to a personal visit to our rooms. Appointments are gladly accepted. A contact is of course completely non-binding.

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